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Aqua Power Ltd, a new company in 2006, has a history that reaches back to 2001.

Historically the marine industry has continued to produce ever faster and higher powered boats. Engines exceeded 500 horsepower long ago and are now as high as 1800 hp. Individual states have increasingly enacted noise regulations since the 1980s. Initially there was little enforcement but, as time passed, enforcement became more stringent. Today almost all water safety officials are equipped to test for noise violations and are prepared to take action.

Noise quieting techniques have been adequate for engines with less than 500 hp. Through-the-prop exhaust provides acceptable results in this range but it does restrict gas flow. Fortunately these engines are not overly sensitive to a little increased backpressure, however some power is lost. Boaters that weren't willing to sacrifice power could run through-the-hull exhaust with a muffler that was far less restrictive than through-the-prop exhaust. Prior to 2002 marine mufflers could only offer about 6db of quieting which is usually adequate in this power range. To further reduce losses boaters could incorporate a Y-pipe to divide the exhaust flow between through-the-prop and through-the-hull with a muffler. Die hard enthusiasts would opt for through-the-hull open exhaust using diverters to switch back to through-the-prop as they approached harbor. Another approach was straight through-the-hull with switchable mufflers that would open a center passage to essentially open the exhaust system with the flick of a switch. Unfortunately, switchable systems are no longer allowed under most state regulations.

Noise quieting techniques for engines exceeding 500 hp have been less effective. Engines in this range employ high overlap cam shafts, superchargers, or both to gain added power. High overlap cam engines are sensitive to backpressure and can be damaged when it is too high. Also as power is increased so is noise output, making these engines more difficult to quiet. Up to around 600 hp boat builders would employ diverters or Y-pipes and cross tubes with either full-time or switchable mufflers to combat noise and backpressure but, with higher power only switchable mufflers would do. Unfortunately these techniques typically couldn't provide enough noise reduction to meet regulations. A new appoach was needed that could provide greater quieting with less loss.

In 2001 Aqua Power's full-time muffler technology was developed specifically for high horsepower engines. In 2002 the prototype was tested with great success, showing that the design could provide better quieting and fewer losses than any system available at the time. Aqua Power now manufactures and markets a complete product line which includes Transom Mount, Clamp-on, In-line, and In-tube designs capable of handling engines ranging from 200 to 1550 hp.

This technology has the ability to actually increase engine power over an open exhaust (we try not to do that because excessive increases can be detrimental to exhaust valves). Aqua Power uses only 316 stainless steel in all of its products providing maximum corrosion resistance.
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