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  Our clamp-on silencers quiet harsh noises produced by high horsepower marine engines very well.  The most exciting feature is that no power is lost in most installations which makes it an ideal marine racing muffler.

  The Clamp-on silencer is a compact and light weight version of our product.  High power models are frequently used on supercharged engines up to 1550 horsepower.

  Installation is straight forward: slide it onto the pipe and clamp it in place.

  Exhaust systems using through transom tailpipes that dump all the water into the exhaust stream at the very end of the pipe, such as Stellings and CMI, typically have noise reductions up to 3 db greater than the ratings shown below.

  All models accept 4 inch external rubber flaps for surge protection.

Clamp-on Silencers

   Power    Pipe Internal   Case     Extension     Noise   Item #
   Range    Size   Flap   Diameter  Aft of Pipe  Reduction

In-tube based
 200-500hp  4.0"    no      4.0"       5.5"        8.8db   9047-PR

 375-525hp  4.0"    no      5.0"       8.0"        9.7db   9055-PR

 500-662hp  4.0"    no      5.5"       8.8"        9.2db   9049-PR
 500-662hp  4.5"    no      5.5"       9.2"       10.4db   9051-PR-S
 500-662hp  5.0"    no      5.5"       9.0"       11  db   9053-PR-S

High Power
 662-1075hp 4.0"    no      5.5"       8.8"        8.0db   9049-75
 662-1075hp 4.5"    no      5.5"       9.2"        9.3db   9051-75-S
 662-1075hp 5.0"    no      5.5"       8.1"        9.0db   9053-75-S

Notes: 9055-PR was specifically designed for HP500 engines. Newer modifications 
now make them usable on other applications. 9055-PR should not be used with 
cast iron exhaust manifolds.
  For naturally aspirated engines high power mufflers should be used above 
650 hp and only up to 850 hp.
   To select a clamp-on silencer begin by determining your engine power and restrict your selection to power ranges that include your engine. Next determine the outer diameter of your tail pipes. Determine what type of tail pipes you have, standard or stellings. The outer tube of a standard tail pipe extends to or beyond the inner tube. The inner tube of a stellings tail pipe extends farther back than the outer tube by as much as 3/4". If your boat has a swimboard or other obstructions near the tail pipes you may need to determine if the outside diameter of the silencer will interfere. Also determine if the extension length of the silencer is acceptable. If you know the decibel level of your engine with open exhaust you can subtract the noise reduction to determine the approximate final noise level with silencers installed. Adding external rubber flaps sometimes reduces the noise level by another two db. All that is left is to read the part number. Your selection should be verified by our sales department when placing an order.
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