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APL designs incorporate a flow through center which helps exhaust products to pass with minimal restriction.

APL technology reduces noise levels while retaining that special sound that says power.

All APL marine mufflers are made from 316L stainless steel for long life in the marine environment.

  The In-line silencer was first offered in 2003. It does an excellent job of quieting harsh noises produced by marine engines. It is used on exhaust systems with through hull tips.

  Installation is straight forward: remove a section of rubber hose between the riser and tip then use four hose clamps to secure the silencer.

In-line Silencers

    Power      Hose    Internal   Case    Length   Noise      Item #
    Range       ID       Flap   Diameter          Reduction

 In-Tube Based
  200-500hp    3.0"       no      4.0"    11.2"     9.1 db    9073-PR
  200-500hp    3.5"       no      4.0"    10.1"     9.1 db    9072-PR

  375-525hp    4.0"       no      5.0"    10.5"    10.0 db    9074-PR

  500-662hp    4.0"       no      5.5"    11.25"    9.6 db    9070-PR
  500-662hp    4.0"      yes      5.5"    13"       9.6 db    9071-PR

 High Power
  662-1075hp   4.0"       no      5.5"    11.25"    8.4 db    9070-75
  662-1075hp   4.0"      yes      5.5"    13"       8.4 db    9071-75

 Note: 9074-PR was specifically designed for HP500 engines and is not
  normally used for other applications. 9074-PR cannot be used with
  cast iron exhaust manifolds.
  Note:   Power Ratings assume dual exhaust gasoline engines.   Ratings are reduced by half when all engine exhaust flow passes through a single muffler.   Ratings are also reduced by half when mufflers are used on diesel engines.   In-Line designs require a wet exhaust system.
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