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Transom Mount
   All products made at Aqua Power are constructed using only 316 stainless steel providing a long life in marine environments. Often referred to as boat mufflers, boat silencers, marine mufflers and marine silencers they are intended for use on pleasure craft or as racing mufflers.

  Transom Mount silencers solidly attach to the transom in place of exhaust tips. They may contain an internal antisurge valve (flap) and can also accept an external rubber flap. Transom mount silencers are used with standard exhaust or headers and tailpipes that stop at least 2 1/2" forward of the transom.

   Clamp-ons clamp directly to through-hull exhaust systems. The tailpipe, whether wet or dry, must have water introduced to the exhaust stream prior to the silencer (almost all of these systems do). These silencers can be fitted with external rubber flaps.

   In-line Silencers mount inside the boat and are supported by the 4" rubber hose between the exhaust manifold/riser and the existing tip. In-line silencers require up to 13" span between the riser and the tip.

   In-tube silencers fit inside the existing 4" ID rubber hose between the riser and exhaust tip. These silencers are used on engines up to 450 horsepower with through hull exhaust systems. In-tube silencers require at least a 5" span between the exhaust manifold/riser and the existing tip.

   Tips and Accessories are also available at APL.

   See our Application Guide in the catalog for muffler suggestions that best match your engine.
   Click here to view, print or download the Aqua Power Ltd Catalog in PDF format.

Clamp-on Style
Clamp-on Style
Transom Mount
Transom Mount
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